What really are you doing with opportunities presenting themselves to you

When Jesus told the people that Lazarus was not dead but asleep, all He wanted to hear was for someone amongst them to say, “I WILL GO AND WAKE HIM UP.”

That’s all.

Jesus was waiting for someone who can be bold enough to say,
“You don’t need to come all the way to Judea Lord, I believe he is asleep as you have said, I am going to wake him up for you.”

So for two days Jesus stayed back in that town hoping. And for two days no one saw His words as an opportuity to go and exercise their faith.

Hmmm, again when the storm came and the boat was going over. Jesus was safely asleep hoping that someone would stretch out his hands over that troubled water and command the sea to be calm.

In His rest, Jesus was counting on someone to say, “No don’t wake Him up, let the master enjoy His sleep, I will speak peace to the sea and bring it to calm.”

But no one did.

Another time when Peter saw Jesus walking on that water towards the boat;
“Master, if it is really You, command me to come.”

This was what Peter said, but this was not what Jesus was hoping to hear.

For Peter or anyone to say, “Master wait for me, I am coming to escort you to the boat.” Was all that Jesus was hoping anyone can say.

Some prominent Pastor said , if you pray for rain ,you must be ready to wear gumboots. Every problem you find yourself facing is an opportunity presenting itself for you to take action.

The problem with most christians is laziness , God gave you his creative powers and he showed you how to create things from nothing in the book of Genesis but still we have people complaining and whining over situations which one needs them to raise their voice and command the storm to calm down.

Electricity was there from the days of Genesis , but no one had yet identified how to manipulate physical laws to their own end. The moment we realise that we were created to dominate ,no weapon formed against us will prosper in any way.

Daniel and his friends were thrown in a pit to be food for lions , but instead of whining and crying they exercised their power. My friend if you don’t put your faith to action you will remain sick and poor.

Moses you don’t have to call unto God every time Israelites are whining and crying , take your rod and strike the waters I am with you , and I will not forsake you till the end of times.

God hasn’t forsaken you , he is with you right now as you are reading this , fear not just take action against your problems he will see you through. This is the season for taking action , don’t be a spectator anymore in this life Take charge the Lord our God takes pride in defending his name.

Dear Lord, today I ask you to give me more opportunities to exercise my faith. I want to do the things that you have already empowered me to do them in Jesus name

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