Strongest Man in the world

Good morning I hope you had a fabulous weekend . Normally Monday to me is a day of reflection , after a Sunday service your priorities in life are questioned you realise you need to change your mindset on a whole lot of issues .I love God and I am very grateful for my Pastor ,well he is my personal prophet too without his annointing I would be a lost cause.

Monday brings with it ,the need to change strategies thus zoom in more on what could be done better and more effectively . From Friday backlogs to this week’s plans it gets very hectic. But in all this we are conquerors through Jesus Christ we operate on a different level and taking over is our mandate.

Coronavirus has been advantageous to us in so many ways , as much as they were negative impacts on the society at large but everyone’s foundations were tested , those with weaker foundations were forced back to the drawing board . Your foundation determines the results of everything you do in life. Everyone makes mistakes , the Bible went on to say everyone is a sinner none can claim to be righteous except through Jesus Christ ,yes never worry a lot about your weaknesses he became our strength .

Let the weak say , I am strong Normally the guys with muscles / steroids is assumed to be the strongest. The world had defined strength on how many pounds you can physically carry and the spiritual realm operate on a similar principle . Strength and endurance are two sides of the same coin. How much can you endure? After being heartbroken can you carry on ? After loosing houses and cars can you wipe out the dust and rise to be better than you were before?.

After incurring heavy losses financially , can you start afresh with the same vigorous Spirit you had before. The Bible says we would be given a heart of flesh .Flesh heart in contrast to a stone heart. A stone heart doesn’t forget and forgive anyone . A rigid heart is a pride heart . Being stone hearted can be likened to narrow mindedness ,it’s either you get it your way or no way at all and if the universe denies you what you thought you deserved then you go on a downward spiral of depression ,anger and hatred.

Heart of flesh is effectively flexible , in pain , sorrow and happiness it still maintains control. Jesus Christ instructed us to forgive always ,when asked how many times we must forgive he said seventy times seven .Thus we are to forgive ourselves everytime as well as other people. People who commit suicide is normally due to the anger and disappointment build up inside of them.They made mistakes and now they can’t come to the reality of agreeing with God that you are a sinner and only the Grace of God can set you completely free from the self inflicted pain, condemnation and unworthiness.

If you love God you will understand how weak and ineffective you are ,only then can you understand the abound grace of God. Jesus Christ replaced us on the cross of Golgotha , he became our atonement thus he wiped away all our sin so there can be no condemnation for us . Real strength is internal and not external I am not against bodily exercise Apostle Paul recommended it to Timothy so believe me bodily exercise is good and everyone should partake in .

Enlarge your confession , rejoice in your salvation . Speak great things about your achievements .Speak great things about God . Speak great things about your family and your career . Strong in heart see potential and see the good things in things which the spiritually blind tend to condemn .The very ideas that made other people rich ,some have condemned them as impractical and waste of energy. The mindset of a winner is obviously different from a looser .

Strong people carry a definite purpose or pursuit ,they are no pushovers and no doctrine or human philosophy can deter them from reaching what they see in their spirit. In your vision you must be immovable and daringly courageous to withstand naysayers and old man fables. What is possible now was unheard of 20 years ago ,so a man stuck in the 80s mentally can’t view the future effectively .Old man fables can simply mean a worldview of a previous era.

The world is evolving at a fast pace to stay on top of your game , means you have to continuously work on your muscles and agility. They are new methods being invented daily , decision-making processes should be done quicker than before due to the ever changing markets and atmosphere .

People with the ability to create a definite future are getting all the moola, what is the future of success in your own view? With all the modern technological advances in communication and sharing information which platform do you think will attract a higher percentage of the population in the world, and what really must you do to be heard and known globally? What kinda words should you use to be heard? Everything is changing so your approach in life should be effective.

The competition is real , what seemed impossible 40 years ago can now be done in seconds so what makes one to stay on top of his game constantly in these ever changing times? Some have stressed the importance of integrity and I honestly think it plays a pivotal role in retaining old customers and creating a bond with probable buyers ,but then how do you attract new ones?

Being strong entails regular exercise and feeding your mind with the right products .A proper diet is essential ,the books you read / or words you listen to daily affects your decision making process. A strong man has one foundation that is God ,his life is rooted and secured in God that his decision making is always based on the promises God made in the Bible. Be it in a stormy weather ,drought or what he knows that he is secure and surely going to profit from all his undertaking ,thus he toils day and night as service to God.

Do not rebuke an older man, but exhort him as a father, younger men as brothers, older women as mothers, younger women as sisters, with all purity.
I Timothy 5:1‭-‬2 NKJV

A strong man’s words are always seasoned with grace. Short temper and anger is for the weak ,A strong man devotes his mind to understanding the things hidden from a common man so he can withstand mockery , discouragements and insults from naysayers. Strong man don’t have to fear rejection at all , his mind has passed that level of fear or expecting too much or less from individuals he approaches every individual with a fearless attitude.

Strongest man is not at all affected by man applauding his accomplishments or his intelligence ,he maintains composure in every situation .The enemy of a man is a man .The people experienced in deceit can clap hands for you ,and pretend to be in your camp whilst at the same time planning your downfall . It’s even safer to assume every human being to be an enemy but we are to love everyone regardless. Tread carefully love everyone but trust none. Loving someone and trusting someone are two different things , knowledge of this aspect can save you from many pitfalls.

True love is unconditional ,true love forgives ,true love forgets past mistakes ,true love seeks the best of someone before yours. Many think you can only love someone you trust , I honestly think that’s a wrong approach . I can love someone fully but it’s only up to them to love me the way I do. The decisions they make concerning my love is basically based on how much they value love and not necessarily how I treat them. If someone cheats in a relationship I don’t see why I should be angry ,I shake off the dust and move on . I don’t have to feel that they is something wrong with me NO!.

Strongest man knows he is the best , and eradicates in his mind the idea that there is someone better than him . Most man are good at disqualifying themselves in any given situation ,all they see in themselves are inadequacies .They are not that intelligent ,they lack in one way or the other. The strongest man knows how to leverage on anything to achieve his objectives. Even if it means leveraging on an idea the mass agrees on to reach your target. A glimpse on social media can show you how people are leveraging on so many things to get likes and followers . Some going to the extent of nudity and sex videos ,No I am not promoting this approach it’s only an example LOL😂!

How long shall you live your life in fear strongmen when your family and whole nation is depending on you. You are the Gideon of your house its time to fight back and claim what belongs to you. These Palestinian have tortured the people for a long time Gideon , you are the one God has been chosen to liberate your family and your state . Stop doubting self clothe yourself with warfare armour , do mass campaigns ,recruit the best team and advance . You can do it for God is with you.

Jesus had a team of 12 disciples ,Moses has 2 Aaron and Miriam with time Joshua and Caleb . Don’t just surround yourself with anyone you need to be recruiting people who will help you reach your ultimate goal . Gideon chose 300 men who were ready to fight at all times. In no situation have I seen people choosing a lazy person in their team . So when choosing who to spend most of your time with , a careful analysis is needed. Selection process must be tight ,you don’t need the biggest team to win but only the strongest and brightest people in your team God will do the rest.

When we read the story of Abraham ,we come to understand that he had an army of his own .Imagine his army fought the enemies of the state and he won the battle ,we see after the battle 2 kings coming to thank him. Abraham our father was very powerful , he was a man of influence and so are you if you follow his steps. You have to decide today to be in charge of your life. If there is something you are not happy with ,only you can change it .

I have noticed something funny in this world most people waste most of their energy in complaining and whining but don’t do anything to change their lives. God hates murmuring the story of Moses and the Israelites can show you more on this ,he punished them for murmuring.

The moment you indulge in complaining , it is time wasted which would be put to good use in kingdom enlargement .I am not implying that we mustn’t think or discuss better ways of dealing with problems but destructive energy is detrimental in any organisation. We are to trust our leaders fully and do everything else to glorify God .

Do everything without murmuring or questioning [the providence of God], so that you may prove yourselves to be blameless and guileless, innocent and uncontaminated, children of God without blemish in the midst of a [morally] crooked and [spiritually] perverted generation, among whom you are seen as bright lights [beacons shining out clearly] in the world [of darkness],
Philippians 2:14‭-‬15 AMP

We are on a journey and the reality is that we won’t stay on earth forever so in this short time we have we need to make impact be it in business , career or any other situation . We need a different mindset to win it’s not a new philosophy but the old same song we need to repent , Come back to God the creator and source of all wisdom he will reveal the mysteries in the Bible to us so we can have dominion.

To take back your land from the enemy you need to fight , you won’t get your land easily the enemy will fight back and try to stir confusion on our people but this is one battle we have to win for total freedom. The truth will set us free , only a fool can be relaxed being imprisoned in his own land. Resist old covenants ,as long as the slavery rules still apply in our midst we are still in shackles of slavery. The old system must be wiped off for a total freedom .We are fighting against systems which has been there for centuries , it was revised every now and then at times to loosen the shackles ,or tighten the shackles but the reality is this as long as we are in this shackles we can’t fulfill our full potential.

Being the strongest man , requires us to look back and imagine the possibilities of a life free from these manipulators we need to taste the victory and from there start implementing strategies to overthrow these colonisers. As long as they control our finances , companies , laws we are still in slavery . Yes the god of mormon is controlling the masses , we are bowing down to oppressive forces just because we need money. Everything around us has a price thus the oppressors created a hunger in Africa for money and not for freedom. Someone needs to start explaining what is true freedom.

We must love God with all our hearts. He gave us Africa for a purpose thus we must dominate the place and start building our land the very same way or even better than the way the westerners are doing in their land. I don’t think it will ever be possible for a black African to go to UK and start farming there ..just thinking.. So loving ourselves means to stop consideration ourselves as second class citizens .This is our place and we belong here infact let’s dominate the land with African culture let’s believe in ourselves.

The art of irrigation started in Egypt ,Africa if so then why should someone possibly say Africans can’t farm / or own farms . The days of slavery the very same africans were used in plantations so how come someone says we can’t farm. Its just hogwash . I believe Africans can do more than just farming , we can invent cars and everything else if not for the world of monopoly created by these people ..We need to take down this wall now for the sake of our children.I have come to respect China for their policies you can’t go to China and claim to own or produce something without partnering with a Chinese organisation. China is taking over , their principles might be different but it only shows Africa as a whole can take over too if we sit down and strategize things.

Know who you are ,and from there start building your life . Protect your territory ,be the master of your territory be in charge all it takes is a decision not to be enslaved anymore. Only the things you permit in your life can either destroy or build you ,this decision is the most important of your life and caution must be exercised. Being strong is the ability to know when to say NO! , and the ability to take action when action is required.

Stay strong

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