4 Things You Should Never Do While Praying If You Want Your Prayers To Be Answered

The world is full with lots of people who pray but are the answers to those prayers coming?

The church has trained a lot of Christians who pray without a proper knowledge of what prayer truly entails and how to do it properly.

Some of the mistake some people make while praying and how to avoid them.

What is prayer?

• Prayer is the raising up of our heart and minds to God.
• This is the only process through which humanity can communicate with divinity.
• We serve a God of principles and if you want your prayers to be answered, you must abide by those principles.
• Most of our prayers are not answered because of the way we pray and several things we do when praying.

There are laws governing the realm of the spirit
and there is no way you can receive answers once you break these laws.

If you want your prayers to be answers you need to change the following things about your approach to prayer

1. Ungratefulness

How do you feel when you do someone a favor and he is coming back for another with no due regards for the first?
This is what so many people do when there want to communicate with God.
It is very wrong to begin your prayer session with complain and end it with complain. Always try and be grateful for the little God has done for you because this will move him to do more.
The gift of life is something you should always be grateful even if you feel God has done nothing.
Always start your prayer session with praise and thanksgiving if you want to receive answers to your prayers.

2. Not having faith

The only limitation to what God can do is in your heart.
God is almighty and he can do all things but this works only if you can believe it in your heart.
Faith is one of the vital keys you need to receive all that God has promised you.
Remove every atom of doubt from your heart when praying if you truly want to receive answers.

3. Entertaining distraction

How do you expect your prayers to move God when it has not moved you.
If you truly want to receive answers to your prayers, you need to be sincere.
Keep your mind still when praying because this is the only way you can hear from God.

4. Prayer hypocrisy

There are so many Christians who pray loud so that people may notice them and give them accolades but I truly tell you, such prayer cannot receive an answer.
A prayer that is not heartfelt cannot move heaven since you have received your reward from people.
When you are praying, it is a personal communication between you and him alone hence no third party should be involved.

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