The best gift to give your children

Every parent out there wishes his children were the best ,be it in the society or in academics.But with the rise of criminal activities and sodomy we tend to ask ourselves one thing what went wrong really in parenting.

Good parenting is a necessity in building a better tomorrow. Parenting on its own brings a lot of challenges on the table especially for the poor , so today I am not going to write about stuff money can buy.

We come from different backgrounds , so our background affects how we view the world ,it also affects the kind of education our children get .Your financial status also determines who your child befriends at school , thus eventually affecting even the likes and dislikes of our children.

So as a poor parent what really can you do to ensure that your child will rise above mediocrity ?.As parents it really is our duty to catapult our children to success in life , inspite of our financial status and that requires strategy and courage to say the least.

People born from poverty stricken families on average live a life of mediocrity and unfortunately even their children will give birth to children who will be in the same class. That’s a sad reality so something needs to be done to break the cycle.

The system is created to favour only those who can afford , take for example tuition fees for universities and tertiary institutions someone living from hand to mouth won’t afford to send their kids there.

This is the curse of poverty , the Bible refer to this situation as a generational curse . Thus the sins of a grandfather will affect the grandchildren to the fourth generation. Thus from the frustration and anger the children indulge in alcoholism ,drugs , prostitution and criminal activities.

With all that in mind it becomes a necessity as a parent to break the cycle of poverty.The good news is that you can break the cycle of poverty which runs in your family.Yes you can ,poverty has more to do with your mental attitude than your background it’s simply a matter of deciding to start afresh replace your views with new ideas and concepts.

Everyday presents itself with something new to learn , having been exposed to mediocrity myself I had to take a new identity. It was difficult but I knew I was left with no option . I had to bury all the things that attracted poverty in my life and start on a new journey of discovery. Yes I lost some friends but I gained better ones. When you become alive to possibilities and opportunities a new world reveals itself to you.

Things stay the same only for them who don’t evolve .God created us to evolve ,you have to reach a point when you can’t tolerate stagnancy anymore. Repent from your beliefs about money , and YES you need to repent from your beliefs about business opportunities and financing. Your beliefs either build you or destroys you.

The Bible went on to say that we must teach our kids on the way they should grow , I am sure as a parent you understand that our kids do copy everything we do ,so the moment you start changing your children will change too.

Confess only what the promises of God says about you. Your words affect your intuition , your tongue controls your destiny . God loves us he gave his only begotten son so that we would not perish but have eternal life. Jesus was poor so we would be Rich. Before you become rich externally you have to be rich internally.

Your beliefs about self affects your posture when talking to strangers. Negative beliefs about self causes depression so you have to increase your faith in God.You have to understand who Jesus is ,and that personal relationship with Christ can be witnessed by people around you.

You can’t impose things on your children ,but they learn from what their mind mind perceives from us. There is this radiance that draws people to Jesus Christ only by seeing you ,you need that light in your life and JESUS CHRIST is the answer.

The problem of the poor is not the money they don’t have,the problem is what the poor have,which is the poverty spirit and mentality,which makes them poor.Thus deal with the poverty mentality and destroy it.

Jesus dealt not with the naked by giving them clothes first but by dealing with that which made them naked and then clothed them after otherwise they will still go on to loose the ones He gave them.

The moment money leaves the rich into the hands of the poor,its already looking for ways to go back to rich somewhere.Poverty mentality is destructive since it becomes impossible for an impoverished soul to have any savings to his name.

Give them what makes the rich rich and remove from them what makes the poor poor!!



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