This is your season

Easter is a time for ressurection , it’s not a time to mourn but a time to celebrate our new identity. The cross ,calvary and the tomb are all symbols of what it took for us to be ressurrected from the dead way to a new life of the truth and victory

Some of us we were worshipping cows , and calling out the spirits of the dead people to help us make decisions in the land of the living.Yes we were sacrificing goats, cows, chickens, sheeps you name it and we would brew beer and pour some on the ground for the dead to drink too ,we thought they would help us but they failed too. The dead always said they were thirsty , wherever they were was too hot for them.

We believed in heresy , we were taught that the dead were taking care of us. But thankfully Jesus Christ gave us a new identity . He became our sacrifice so we need not sacrifice animals anymore , the old ways of our ancestors required lots of blood.We had to sacrifice animals on many occasions. Blood sacrifice meant atonement or cleansing.

Everyday we sin , no one is perfect but Jesus’s righteousness made it possible for us to have a right standing with God. His blood washed us clean from all iniquity long before we were born. Yes you were forgiven before you were born.

Your sins were washed away whilst you were dead in sin. It’s a funny concept but my friend your sins were washed away before you were born. God understood that sin alianates us from him ,so in his intelligence he come out with a plan to have a sacrificial lamb ,in human form to come and pave a way for us to God.

Due to sin , we deserved to perish in our ignorance but by his tender mercies he gave us an identity. We have since been transformed from being victims to be victors by the power of the his blood.

As we commemorate this display of his victory on the cross , shun all the victim mentality. This is the season to claim your inheritance.Remind the devil of his failure on the cross ,death could not hold our saviour captive thus this is the season to ressurect from your belief system which kept you in poverty and sickness.

You are a warrior designed to dominate the earth and every situation so wake up from your slumber.Be the Gideon of this generation ,recruit an army and go to destroy the enemies of your progress.You are the Moses of your family for a long time you have been herding sheeps of your in-laws , now it’s time to take my people out of Egypt .God chose you while you were still in your mother’s womb.

Aaron and Miriam are supposed to be under you and not above you ,God himself will fight your battles.You will lead your family out of Egypt , today marks the end of slavery and Egyptian sicknesses by his blood we are covenanted for success.Take charge yes be in control .

Lead your nation to the revival our land should be healed . Let every man and his family must bow down and confess all their sins the lamb has been provided to wash away our iniquities .Be of courage Joshua you are to lead them out of their misery teach them about the blood covenant and the Lord’s commandments .The same power which tore apart the red sea will open a way for you

The pharaoh of this world has marked you for slavery , poverty and infliction for a long time ,enough is enough it’s time to move to a greater dimension .The language of lack must be eradicated from your tongue and only testimonies of our Lord Jesus Christ will be heard of you in all the nations.

The fear of your Lord will be witnessed all over the world , people will choose to be your slaves than fight with you in battle. No power on earth can hold you captive since you are now clothed with strength from above. No witchcraft ,marine spirits or vexation can destroy you ,as you are clothed as a heir in the kingdom of God.

Times like these demand a proper analysis on your life , take note of anything keeping you in bondage be it friends , environment or negative belief system so we can get rid of it. Are you sick and tired of stagnation, if you are then change how you see things and start confessing the promises of God in your life.

Sickness comes from conformity to worldly beliefs , take up your bed and walk from that sickness and don’t look back .Faith is acting on God’s word despite what your worldy mind perceives or what the doctor said about your condition.With your tongue say No to whatever that is keeping you in bondage.

You are a new creation , healing is yours if you can only claim it. Prosperity is yours only if you can claim it.You are now identified with the ressurrected CHRIST thus within you is the power to ressurect from any condition .Jesus Christ within you is only awaiting your confirmation , confirm to the world that you are now identified with Christ ,no weapon formed against you will prosper.

We no longer operate from fear but are very confident in Jesus Christ for he is risen.He made a public humiliation of death .The power of death was humiliated so your issue is an easy feat for him.Are you unemployed , this is the season to create opportunities for yourself .Don’t seat back and murmur about lost opportunities be in the now and conquer the day.

God will change the words you use in your daily routine , in this season his love for you will move all the mountains in your life.Cancer is nothing to him his blood will wash you clean from that . You were made clean on the cross and annointed for prosperity .

Speak life to your destiny.

Speak prosperity in your life.

Speak health in your body.

Money is spiritual , command money to come in your life.

Go yee therefore and prosper.


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