What defines you

There is a saying that you are defined by what you worship. Some are defined by their beauty ,some by their riches. Some are defined by the influence they hold in the community.

There is power in identity , what you are identified with determines the influence you have in your community be it work environment or wherever you might be. Long life is determined by your lifestyle , science has already proven that.

In this lifestyle of dominion , choosing an identity plays a pivotal role .I still remember when I was in my high school days boys would be identified by the music they listened to , funny isn’t it and girls obviously liked boys who loved certain music .That was another vanity I must admit.

Humans by nature are drawn to whoever has influence it’s no secret so who is influencing your day to day decisions in life?. The theme of this blog is ” Rise above mediocrity” thus I want you to take time to think about your life and ask yourself this question.

What influenced you to marry the woman/man you have now ? In our everyday lives we are faced with many decisions from what time to sleep or wake up ,which channels to watch and who to befriend the list goes on and on but mainly it is what you identify with that determines whether you will live a life of happiness or sorrow.

We belong to God , thus we operate on a different level subconsciously .We are to exercise authority because we are heirs in the Kingdom of God. By design we are to identify with the God ,he made us in his image to function with dominion .But God also gave men the privilege of choosing what to worship.

Refuse to be identified with worldly vanities, the earth and its glory will fade away but those who identify with God will live forever. Do not conform to worldly principles for they only lead to sorrow and destruction.

Some identify with celebrities , they dress like them and even talk like them it’s a shame. We have lost many celebrities to suicide since they worship fame and influence ,the moment they lost fame death was the only option ,some used drugs on daily basis to keep up with the popularity is that life worth living , I don’t think so.

The biggest mistake you can make in life is taking an identity from your bank balance , money belongs to God brethren he gives to whoever he wishes and he can take it whenever he feels like ,we are merely ambassadors as much as money is concerned . We won’t take riches to the grave there is more to life than a dollar. We have heard of many influential businessman who commited suicide the moment they lost everything .

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and he will give you everything you need.
Luke 12:31 NLT

What identifies you , determines what you worry about. What you identify with determines every decision you make in life. Your priorities are determined by what you worship. If you worship worldly fashions and possessions there is no way you can be confident in life driving cheap cars or wearing unbranded clothes.

Refuse to be identified with worldly vanities , passions , fashions and possessions we have a different mandate here on earth. Nothing and absolutely nothing can depress you if your focus is on Jesus Christ and the mandate he gave us here on earth that is to make disciples in all nations. That’s our ultimate purpose here on earth ,in other words that’s our daily bread .

Each and everyday our actions and decisions are affected by this mandate and the whole world must be saved before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. We don’t need to have influence to get our message across but his name influences the whole world . His name heals the sick and gives direction to the lost. We operate in his influence thus we have won the battle against worldly influences in his name.

You belong to Jesus Christ ,my friend he loved you before you were born so you don’t have to worry about anything ,just grasp this new identity and tell the nations about Jesus Christ . You are force to be reckoned with once you stick with your purpose here on earth.

So don’t be afraid, little flock. For it gives your Father great happiness to give you the Kingdom.
Luke 12:32 NLT

Do not let fear dictate your decisions in life. Worldly passions brings fear of loss with them ,but Godliness brings with it no fear. We don’t fear what tomorrow might bring since for us to live is Christ and to die is Christ. We don’t fear death itself thus no one can possibly harm us.

Jesus loves you , and his blood is calling out for you . Even though your sins are as red as scarlet he is more than ready to wash you clean and give you the life you deserve . You deserve better ,don’t be fooled by worldly vanities you can do more with your life than worry about things that offer nothing but sorrow.

The best decision I made with my life was give my life to Jesus Christ and I am calling out to you today to make that great decision.

Jesus Christ is waiting for you to take that first step , he was crucified for our sins and with his blood we were made clean . It is no longer I who live but Jesus Christ is living inside of me .

Shalom .

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