Obedience the way to fullness

"I have meat to eat that ye know not". Then there is shown to exist a link between the will of God and this secret strength, that the strength of Christ is maintained in relation to the will of God. Then, further, there is shown to be a link with a Divine purpose, the complete... Continue Reading →

Choose wisdom

The wise don’t engage in empty chatter. What good are such words?Job 15:3 NLT You should make it a must to avoid folly Why should you find yourself in unnecessary discussions, Apostle Paul warned against this to Timothy Don’t let them waste their time in endless discussion of myths and spiritual pedigrees. These things only... Continue Reading →

Discipline means freedom

Does freedom exists ? Can a human being claim to be totally free from all the laws ? What exactly is freedom ? The more I thought about it the more I got confused . Everywhere I see people in shackles they are kept in bondage with the very things that are meant to give... Continue Reading →

Start afresh

You attract to yourself what you believe about yourself. Let the deep pain of your life make you better and not bitter. Choose to turn it around by the grace of God. Your destiny is not tied to anyone who left and walked out. Let them go from your mind, heart and soul. There's a... Continue Reading →

What really are you doing with opportunities presenting themselves to you

When Jesus told the people that Lazarus was not dead but asleep, all He wanted to hear was for someone amongst them to say, "I WILL GO AND WAKE HIM UP." That's all. Jesus was waiting for someone who can be bold enough to say,"You don't need to come all the way to Judea Lord,... Continue Reading →

You were born to be great

But somewhere along the line you stopped believing that you were destined for greatness because you couldn't look past yourself, your own environment and circumstances . You started worshipping your conditions , they manifested and became bigger than you. It's easy to start believing that you're not going to ever be great or be able... Continue Reading →

It’s already done

Most christians spending years , chasing tail moving from church to church seeking what was given to them a long time ago. There are so desperate for the blessings which were given to us in Abraham through Jesus Christ .Why should you be desperate for something you already possess. Everything we need is already there... Continue Reading →

Winning with words

Words create reality ,a curse or a blessing is a word stated to someone. Words can be used as a weapon to lure and wreck a life.Sales and Marketing people invest maximum of their time in analyzing phrases which could lure people.Politicians have mastered deceiving words to apply in their campaigns.What you think you are... Continue Reading →

Fewer sex partners means a happier marriage

People who have had sex with fewer people seem to be more satisfied after they tie the knot. Is there hope for promiscuous romantics? Is there hope at all ? Studies have revealed that people tend to compare their current spouse to their exes so is it wise to engage in fornication at all, knowing... Continue Reading →

Be bold

we have been ordered to be bold

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